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We understand that the biggest problem for a broker today is data lying in different pools, thereby creating problem in

  • Upsell and Cross sell?
  • 360-degree client information?​
  • Agent takes time to reply to ticket​
  • Data lying in different not-so-connected pools​
  • RM performance in selling multiple products is not seen​
  • Profiling a client is a big chore​
  • Cannot track all his investments at one place​
  • Will have to login to different end points to view his information​
  • Can have a scenario that multiple RM’s from the same company are trying to connect with the client for different / same product​

Keeping in view of such problems, we created a module CRM platform which leverages on data and is a fully functional, comprehensive system which empowers your team with insights which will help them engage with your customer in a meaningful and prospective manner.

The CRM is built for a broker, keeping in view specific requirements which a broker will have. It supports multiple hierarchies and can be configured as per the requirements of the individual broker. ​

CRM - Modules​

Lead Management System​
  • Integration with multiple campaigns with separate UTM codes
  • Allocation of leads to RM / Agentsn
  • Track meetings & updates
  • Prospect journey from lead to EKYC and then to account​
  • Schedule Appointments & Calendar Tracking​
Customer Support​
  • New ticket ​
  • Creating tickets from email ids automatically​
  • Allocation of tickets to agents​
  • Customer 360 view of ticket status​​
  • Escalation reports​
  • Client related reports ​​
Customer Insights
  • Activate clients​
  • Clients with ledger balance​
  • Clients who were active last month, now inactive​
  • Clients who made profit​
  • Clients who booked loss​
  • Never traded clients​​
Appointments, Tasks, Activities and Meetings​
  • Client meeting reports​
  • Wish clients on different occasions​​
  • Call up debtor clients​
  • Other rule-based tasks accomplishment​
Reports/ MIS​
  • 360 degree view of customer​
  • Rollup reports with drill down​
  • Targets vs achievement​​

Customer 360 promises a all compassing, fresh look to view all related information about the customer under one section. We offer a 360-degree view of customer data including every interaction, inquiry, purchase / sales of stock, mutual fund or any other product, to a customer support ticket; all under one section.

Leveraging the power of a solution like customer 360 can enhance your sales, operations, support and customer experience, further it can help you up-sell and cross sell your customers in a more interactive and insightful manner.

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